Udubb Network Show

The U DUBB Network Show

Main Host: L Wisdom @lwisdom973
Co-Host: Nai @itsnaiii
Co-Host: Kee Kee Hardbody @keekee_hardbody
Dj: Dj B Swift @thatdudeswift

The U DUBB Network Show is a battle rap based show of the U DUBB Network Battle Rap League. This show analyzes battles and battle rappers as well as current events, life experiences and the culture of hip hop in a whole from battle rap to r&b and even poetry!

This show also shows the talent of the battle rappers who also make music and not just battle rap!

Tune into The U DUBB Network Show every Monday 8pm to 10pm and Tuesday 9pm to 10pm for a show of enthusiasm and Entertainment.