The Exchange



The Exchange is one of the newest line-ups on Nonfiction Radio, premiers Sundays, from 8-10 pm. The genetic make up of the Exchange consists of two hosts, Mercedes Duffie, The Visionary, of Rahway, and David LooseJaw Robinson, The Oracle, of Paterson. These two Jersey Natives combined forces and developed a intangible patent called the Exchange that premiered on Nonfiction Radio December, 2016. The make up of the Exchange is to cultivate an open dialog with an audience who shares optimism. The show’s platform converses important issues that effect ordinary people in an unordinary society. The soul purpose of this riveting show is to be the outlet of truth and the voice that never spares its tongue. The significance is that we believe in give and take and by no means are we just takers, we give for human consumption only, straight Facts.