02 Jun

My Experience

Hi everyone, my name is Tiffany Motachwa and I am one of the interns here at Nonfiction Radio.  I have been with the station for about two months now.  While being here I have witnessed the family oriented and hard working lifestyle at the station.  Everyone welcomed me with open arms.   I have been able to sit in on different radio shows to hear what they have to talk about.  Shows such as Maximum Impact, Focused Fridays, Up Next Show, Wicked Wednesdays, and DJ Wallah mixes.  Along with sitting in on shows, I have been able to shadow others there and see the hard work it takes to run a radio station or any business.  It takes a team.  From Ray overseeing everything, to the engineers that really make a show run smooth, all the way to the talent such as talk show hosts and DJ’s.  It has been an enjoyable experience so far and will continue to be.  I hope you all continue to support and show love to Nonfiction Radio.  Thank You.